Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting of the GIPA (Western Zone) held on Tuesday, the 20th February,2024

Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting of the General Insurance Pensioners Association (Western Zone) held on Tuesday, the 20th February, 2024 in the GIPA OFFICE AT STERLING CINEMA BLDG., THIRD FLOOR ,MUMBAI
Time: 3.30 P.M.

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Mr. K.S. Samant, presided over the meeting and extended a warm welcome to all those present.
  1. To read, confirm and approve the Draft Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting held on Tuesday, the 13th February, 2024

    Mr. Vilas Sawant read out the draft Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting held on Tuesday. the 13th February, 2024.

    As there was no specific point raised by any Member on any of the Draft Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting held on Tuesday, the 13th February, 2024, the minutes were approved and confirmed.

    The following Resolution was passed unanimously:
    "RESOLVED THAT the Governing Body confirmed and approved the draft Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday, the 13Ih February, 2024."

  2. Dharna Programme on Thursday, the 22nd February, 2024

    In order to make Dharna Programme observed by GIPA(WZ) a grand success, the existing employees would also joint from GIEAIA. The GIEAIA would bear the cost of snack packets for distribution amongst the participants of the Dharna programme.

    The Bank employees unions would also support, Mr. Shankar from Union Bank Employees would be present at the Dharna Programme and would address the Pensioners in support of their demands.

    Members from the Pune Unit of GIPA - approximately 15 would be coming by a special Bus from Pune and join the Dharna progranne directly.

    Joint Forum will also support the Dharna action.

    Approximately 130 people  would join the Dharna programme.

    Mr. Ganesh Devrukhkar would arrange for TEA and MINERAL WATER through National's canteen.

    Mr. Mohan Kambli would arrange for serving Vada Pav/Mineral Water to those who come early to make preparatory arrangements.

    You Tube presentation was prepared by taking Interview of Principal Office bearers of GIPA (WZ) namely, Mr. K.S. Samant, Mr. U. Banerjee and Mr. Vilas Sawant u2013 Each of them made their presentation on the Proposed Dharna Programme mainly to achieve 30% Pension to Family Pensioners as the existing 15% is not sufficient to make living u2013 Uniform payment of Dearness Allowance to all Pensioners/Family Pensioners. Improvement in the existing Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme.

    This You Tube presentation would help in creating awareness amongst our own Members and general public. The You Tube presentation would be circulated amongst our Members on What'sApp Group.

    Press release would be given in the prominent newspapers in English/Marathi/Hindi  to make general public aware of our Demands/ agitation programme.

    A delegation of GIPA would meet the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of The New India Assurance Co.Ltd., to present him a Memorandum listing the Demands of the Pensioners. Prior notice would be given to the New India Management.

    Tirupati Decorators who would be making the arrangement of erection of Pandal, providing tables and chairs have agreed to make necessary arrangement for a total cost of Rs.25,500/-.

  3. Celebration of International Womens Day on Friday, the 8thMarch,2024

    Anticipating higher turn out on this occasion, the Venue for Celebration of International Womens Day on Friday, the 8th March,2024,has been shifted from Mumbai Press Club premises at Azad Maidan to the Indian Merchants Chambers premisaes near Churchgate station.

    On Friday, the 8th March,2024, there being a Public Holiday, on the occasion of u201cMahashivaratriu201d, the IMC has agreed to make us available bigger premises which can accommodate around 200 persons at a total cost of Rs.15,000/- and locationwise also  it is very convenient for Pensioners.

    IMC would make arrangements for serving Mineral Water and Snacks packets consisting of two samosas, wafers, sandwich and Teafor a total cost of Rs.11,550/ for around 100 participants.

    Since Mahashivaratra falls on 8th March,2024, the day on which we are Celebrating International Womens Day, some of the Members suggested to have a Sabudana Vada in place of Samosa as majority Members attending the function would be observing fast on that day.

    Mr. Vilas Sawant would accordingly speak to the Caterers providing snacks packets.

    Mrs. Indira Sreekumar and other Lady Members of the Governing Body would suggest a Gift Item costing approximately Rs.150/- and submit a detailed proposal in the next Governing Body Meeting.

    As there was no other matter pending on the agenda, the meeting ended with the Vote of Thanks to the Chair.


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