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  • organise and unite pensioners in the General Insurance Industry (i.e. General Insurance Corporation of India and Its subsidiaries-National Insurance Co. Ltd., New India Assurance Co. Ltd., United India Insurace Co. Ltd. and Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.) and establishments connected or allied with the General Insurance Industry (Tarrif Advisory Committee, Loss prevention Association of India) and to regularise their relations with their erstwhile employers.
  • To secure to the members fair conditions of pension.
  • To try and  guide them to redress their legitimate grievances.
  • To endavour to provide against sickness, infirmity, old age and death.
  • To provide legal assistance to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to their pension.
  • To obtain information in reference to Pensioners in the Insurance Industry in India and outside.
  • To co-operate and federate with the organisations having similar objects in India and outside.
  • To take such other steps as may be necessary to promote and encourage advancement of literacy,  cultural, scientific and technical education and all other allied welfare activities.

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