13 th Governing Council Meeting of General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation was held on 15 th & 16 th October at Maheswari Bhavan, Raipur.

Dear Pensioners, 
13 th Governing Council Meeting of General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation was held on 15 th & 16 th October at Maheswari Bhavan, Raipur. Around 70 Governing Council members attended. Opening ceremony and lighting of lamp was done through the hands of DGM, New India and CRM National Insurance. Both of them delivered encouraging speech and supported the various causes for we have been struggling for more than four years. There after the official agenda of the Governing Council meeting started with Chairman, Vice Presidents on the presidium along with General Secretary, Dy General Secretary and Treasurer on the dias. Minutes of the last GC meeting was read out by GS and after a few clarifications and additions same were adopted by the house. There after meeting was adjourned and decided to meet at 10.00 am sharp. At the time of inauguration two minutes silence were observed to pay homage to those pensioners who died during last one year. 

Second day, 16th October meeting started with Mr K S Samant, President on the Chair along with Mr R P Sanal, Chairman. General Secretary explained that along with GS Report a note on Effect of Amendment on GIBNA Act, Effect of the recommendation of E &Y being accepted by the PSGI companies and issues related to Staff Medi Claim. He felt this meeting should discuss thoroughly and come to a conclusion how we face the challenge and a detailed action plan for immediate future. Other agendas like passing of the accounts and G S report were adopted by the house with a few clarifications. The very important progress made by the Federation was formation of full fledged GIPA South Zone All units under five states of South Zone have joined and firm Zonal Committee Similarly In North East Region Assam we have been able to  make one hundred members and Guwahati has become an active center. It would not have been possible to enrol members had not veteran leader like Mr Paritosh Kar taken the lead and approach the members. The house also decided to raise affiliation fee payble every year from Rs 12/ toRs 15/. It was also decided that all zones/ units should be registered under Trade Union Act Or Society Registration Act and submit  latest    membership position to Federation at the time of paying affiliation fees. 

There was lengthy and serious discussion on the note circulated by GS . More than 20 members spoke and some gave very valuable suggestions. To have a well knit struggle program for the issues like enhance Family Pension from 15% to 30% basic and better medical facilities and also to retain the four PSGI companies under Public Sector a small committee by taking one each representative from Zone along with President, General Secretary and Dy General Secretary was formed. They will go through the suggestions given by members and finalise the road map to achieve our core  issues at the earliest Bt end of November our plan of action will be unveiled. House also included some names in Governing Council as proposed by the Zonal Secretaries. At the end thanks were given to Raipur unit unde GIPA WZ. Special thanks were given to Mr Kewaljeet Singh and other members of Raipur for their hard work. After singing national anthem the meeting  was decleared over. Next meeting venue was not decided but it will be finalised in another 3/4 months. 
Lastly, Wish you and your family a Happy Dipavali. 

U. Banerjee. 
General Secretary.


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