As news of Gipsa wage revision

10th June 2022

Dear Comrades, on behalf of  GIEAIA, Com.Tirlok Singh, General Secretary, and Com.Kumaravelu, Addl.General Secretary attended the Virtual meeting with GIPSA CE and All Chairman's of  PSGI Companies.   Ms. Suchita Gupta, GIPSA Chairperson initiated the discussion. 

She informed that DFS and GIPSA are working on the Wage Rivision and informed that  it may take some more days  to initiate the talks with the checked off associations.  All CMDs informed on the same line that they are following with DFS on daily basis and they are working on it  and requested all Associations to defer the indefinite strike call.  

We informed that every time management is telling some or other reasons and assurances only but no concrete offer has been given till date  and suggested that unless some firm assurance is received from GIPSA Chairperson, in writing, no deferment of the proposed decision of observance of indefinite strike is possible.

Finally CE GIPSA agreed to send communication to all the checked off associations in writing by 13 th June and all Constitutents have agreed to wait upto 13th June  and appropriate decisions will be taken after going through the contents of the communication from GIPSA.

TIrlok Singh,                                           
General Secretary                            


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