Northern zone had a meeting on 27. 04.2022 with GIPSA authorities Shri RR Singh ji CEO & Shri Harish Adhlakha ji Sr. Vice president

Dear All,
Delegation of GIPANZ consisting of Shri RS Tuteja ji, Chairman, Shri NP Upadhyay ji, President, Shri Shyam Mathur, Gen Secretary, Shri Rajneesh Pandey ji org sec & Shri SK Tank ji, joint treasurer Northern zone had a meeting on 27. 04.2022  with GIPSA authorities Shri RR Singh ji CEO & Shri Harish Adhlakha ji Sr. Vice president. 
The following agenda was discussed in detail

1. 5 yrs Notional credit to SVRS 2004 optees.
Reply- Since it was mentioned in notification hence presently unable to grant.
2. Family Pension to SVRS 2003 & 2004 optees.
3. Arrears to family if SVRS optees is died inbetween.
2 & 3 GIPSA agreed to our demand and will extend facilities
4. Option of pension to PF optees of SVRS 2003 & 04 optees who left after serving more than 10 years.
Advised to examine the cases and found that cases are there, will do the excercise
5. Improvement in family pension It should be 30%. 
Sanction should be within 30 days
Matter already recommended to finance ministry and no additional Information asked by ministry,  will take up with Co's to start within 30 days.
6. Additional pension in old age 80yrs and above 20, 30, 40, 50 & 100% every five years
As the same benifits are not available to LIC & bank retirees, presently unable to consider
7. Online life certificate
Will try that by next year companies will provide this facilities through retirees corner in website. New India has started this year.
8. Improvement in Mediclaim
Reimbursement of cost of diagnostic tests without Hospitalisations
100% subsidy in premium to eligible SI
Presently no such improvement is under consideration
9. Mediclaim premium in instalments
Looking to the difficulties in controlling, unable to extend the option
10. Pension option to ex TAC employees
Already recommended to ministry and pending at their levels
11. Remarriage certificate on declaration basis.
Will examine and try to provide the same by next year
12. Pension slip, basic, DA, tax deducted nett
Will take up with companies to provide details
13. Refund of pro rata premium in case of death of insured member covered in SGMP
Principally agreed with our views that policy, terms conditions are same for employees and retirees should be at par. Will take up with companies.
14. Joint I card to pensioner's of UIIC.
Will take up with authorities of UIIC to provide joint I cards.
15. Coverage under Mediclaim to family pensioner's if spouse has also expired
Agreed to extend the option with discussion with companies
We are thankful to GIPSA management for giving  positive response to  most of our  issues.

Shyam Mathur
General secretary GIPANZ


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