Performance of the GI Industry upto the month of December 2021.

24 General Insurance Companies (Excluding 6 Stand-alone Health Insurance Cos & 2 Specialised Insurance Cos) operating in India have ended up with a growth of 9.21% upto the month of December 2021. The total GDPI generated by 24 GI Co's stood at Rs.1,36,278.45 cr as against Rs.1,24,780.19 cr.

The four Public Sector General Insurance Companies (National, New India, Oriental & United India) has shown a growth of 7.89%. Market Share of the four PSGI Co's is 41.94%.  The four PSGI Co's have generated a premium income of Rs.57,155.81 Cr upto the month of December 2021 as compared to Rs.52,973.83 Cr.


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