DHARNA at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Dear Secretariat and WC Members, After more than two hours of discussion, in today's JFTU virtual meeting following the course of actions were chalked out to urge the GIPSA to call us for discussion on wage revision and demanding repealing of GIBNA Amendment Act, 2021:

01.12.21 - Wednesday: Human Chain in front of all offices of -4- PSGI Companies throughout India.
08.12.21 - Wednesday: Lunch hour demo and mass delegation to CMDs. 
15.12.21 - Wednesday: Lunch hour demonstration at all centers.
21.12.21 - Tuesday: DHARNA at Jantar Mantar,  New Delhi.

All our Units are directed to organize, in  coordination with other constituents of JFTU, in a massive way - KG, GS, GIEAIA


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