elder`s rights

Older peopleu2019s human rights are stillrnour priority


Thernlead up to this yearu2019s Age Demands Action on Rights campaign is fast approaching, with many partners alreadyrnconfirming their participation for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June. Itrnprovides the opportunity to raise awareness about elder abuse and pushrngovernments to end human rights abuses and attend this yearu2019s Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) in July.


Therntwo main areas of rights that will be discussed are: 
rnu2022 equality and non-discrimination 
rnu2022 freedom from violence, abuse and neglect.


Forrnthis yearu2019s ADA on Rights we are encouraging our partners to organise meetingsrnwith older people, their governments and national human rights institutions.rnThese meetings allow older people themselves to talk about their human rights and why they need to be protected under international law.

rnrnRead more about how the ADA campaign has supported the fightrnagainst age discrimination.


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