Management and HITPA has agreed that Home Quarantine for COVID+ve patients under our GMC Policy will be treated as Domiciliary Hospitalisations

Dear All,

Please note that Management and HITPA has agreed that ''Home Quarantine for COVID+ve patients" under our GMC Policy  will be treated as "Domiciliary Hospitalisations".

Another important point is that company has allowed cost of Pulse Oximeter (max Rs 2,500/- w.e.f 23.4.2021) If purchased under the advice of a Doctor

Request you to do the following:

Don't Panic if you or anyone in the family are diagnosed COVID+ve. Consult the Doctor and if symptoms are "not severe" generally you will be prescribed HOME QUARANTINE.

a) Take the COVID +ve Report.

b) Take the Advice for HOME QUARANTINE

c) Prescription for Pulse Oximeter - with advice to check Oxygen level whenever patient feels uncomfortable.

d) Prescription for Medicines & Drugs etc.

e) Buy Pulse Oximeter

f) Give Intimation of Claim  for Home Quarantine  to HITPA through Mail under DOMICILIARY HOSPITALISATIONS. 

g) Take all COVID  Home Quarantine Precautions and Medicines as per Doctors' advice.

h) Put a claim for Reimbursement Claim under DOMICILIARY HOSPITALISATION.


1. Claim form page 1, 2 and 5 duly filled and signed in all respects.
2. Employee ID card copy
3. Patient UHID card copy.
4. Retiree PAN card copy.
5. Cancelled cheque or first page pass book.
6. NEFT form duly filled and signed as a support to doc under serial 5
Following ORIGINAL documents
a. Prescriptions.
b. Investigation reports
c. Bill's
d. Copy of the discharge Summary.
e. Summary of expenses.
f. Covering letter.
g. Self declaration letter stating that the originals will be submitted when called for
 Also declare that no claims are lodged under any other insurance policies
h. Mention the claim number in BOLD On the top of the claim form.

The above documents can be scanned and sent  to
(Choose your company) 

The originals can be submitted as and when called for by HITPA or the Insurer.

Please take care, stay home and be safe

Shyam Mathur


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