Performance of the GI Industry for the year 2020-21

25 General Insurance Companies (Excluding 6 Stand-alone Health Insurance Cos & 2 Specialised Insurance Cos) operating in India have ended up with a growth of 3.36% for the year 2020-21. The total GDPI generated by 25 GI Co's stood at Rs.1,69,841.60 cr as against Rs.1,64,324.90 cr.

The four Public Sector General Insurance Companies (National, New India, Oriental & United India) have shown a negative growth of 1.95%. The market Share of the four PSGI Co's is 42.29%.  The four PSGI Co's have generated a premium income of Rs.71,828.46 Cr for the year 2020-21 as compared to Rs.73,259.90 Cr.

The industry's positive growth is because of growth in Fire (28.08%), Engineering (12.96%), Health (13.99%), Aviation (8.32%) & Liability 16.37%).


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