34 Slabs for working employees and 77 slabs for retired employees from 1.02.2021

Based on AIAPI for the quarter ending December 2020, which is 119.43, 77 slabs of DA have become due to retirees w.e.f 1st February 21. Now the current rate of DP is as under:
Retired after 1st August 2012  No.of slabs 785. DA rate is 78.5%
Retired after 1st August 2007 No of slabs 1226 DA rate 183.9%
Retired after 1st August 2002 No of slabs 1380 DA rate 248.4%
Retired after 1st August 1997 No.of slabs 1527 DA rate 351.21%
Now any retiree can calculate his DA if he is aware of his basic pension.


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