Pensioners Support 26 November strike by workers and peasant

In our industry GIEAIA and all most all other union has joined with Central Trade Unions to participate in the countrywide strike call on 26 the November. Trade Unions are protesting against the disinvestment and destroying Public Sectors. Because of the wrong economic policy of the government, more than 15 crores of workers have become jobless. Prices of all daily necessary things are getting sky rocketing. Farmers are going to lose the minimum support price for their agricultural products

Stringent labor bills against the workers have been passed in the Parliament. The moratorium for future DA/DR release with effect from 1st June of this year till next 30 June has been introduced for Central Government employees and pensioners. Soon it is going to be implemented in all public sectors

Further, wage negotiation in the General Insurance industry is pending since August 2017. In this background when a strike call is given by all employee unions, it is our moral duty to support the strike wholeheartedly. We should take part in all their agitation calls. Let's take it seriously.  U. Banerjee. General Secretary. GIPAIF.


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