Non payment of pension till date for the month of April 2017 payable on 01/05/2017

The Chairman cum MD
The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.
H.O New Delhi.

Dear sir.
Reg: Non-payment of pension till date for the month of April 2017 payable on 01/05/2017.

The pensioners expect that LIC will credit the pension to their account through NEFT on 1st of every month but till date their account has not been credited for the month of April 2017.
The pensioners are passing their days in anxiety causing hypertension to them. Most of the pensioners are 75years+.
We humbly suggest as under with the request to kindly consider the same and make the crisis management to help the pensioner to get the pension:

1. Is it not possible to pay the pension by the oriental as per their lists and funds through the LIC banker in crisis and recover the amount from LIC thereafter?

2. Is it not possible for LIC to instruct their banker to disburse the annuity as per March 2017 list or Oriental list which they provide to LIC.

3. To make the crisis management LIC may make an alternate arrangement of server and computer system if possible.

We would humbly request to consider the alternative arrangement to pay the pension to the pensioners immediately.
This is very urgent, please.

With regards


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