The 5th Annual General Meeting of Raipur Unit of GIPA(WZ)

The 5th Annual General Meeting of Raipur Unit of GIPA(WZ) held to-day under the presidency of Mr.K.S.Chhabra, at Hotel Puneet International, Pandri, Raipur (CG).
Mr.H.N.Padhya, RM, UIIC, Raipur was our Chief Guest who inaugurated the meeting.
Meeting was conducted by Mr.Keval Jeet Singh.  

 Mr.A.M.Kulkarni and Mr.A.Pultamkar enlightened on Charter of demand and tpa related issues. Mr.N.Mani, from Nagpur was also present. Mr.K.S.Chhabra explained various mediclaim issues.  Mr.S.Mathur, Dy.Genl.Secretary of GIP All India Fedrn. from Jaipur addressed the meeting and he elaborated various important issues of pensioners viz; pension and fly.pension updation and also regarding struggle of our organization for OMOP which is succeded. He also explained organization's approach with GIPSA and insc. companies as well as with ministry through their sources for achieving favourable results for pensioners/fly.pen. which is not possible without struggle.  He repeatedly advised gathering to trace/find out PF optees and advice them to apply for pen/fly.pen consulting their offices. Mr.Kulkarni also emphasized for new membership as-well-as collection of donations to increase the organizations' fund. 
Open session was also there in which queries raised by Pen/PF Optees were replied by Mr.Mathur. Mr.R.P.Agrawal from Bilaspur attended and about 35  members including few PF optees were present and make the meeting grand success. Mr.Saleem Nagaria, Nodal Officer, attended on behalf of OIC RO Raipur and his working was appreciated by Mr.S.Mathur. New members joining and few members given donations to organization. Vote of thanks given by K.J.Singh.
 Thanks to All from Raipur Unit - Keval Jeet Singh


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