1) Room rent is fixed @1% of Opted Sum Insured per day.  This is irrespective of class of city.
2) ICU/ICCU expenses fixed @ 2% of Opted S.I. irrespective of class of city.
3) Max. Fees payable to Surgeon and/or Anesthetist is fixed @ 25% of SI provided paid by cheque and mentioned in Hospital Bill.  Fees paid in Cash on a numbered bill upto Rs.10,000/- payable on these accounts.
(4) Limit of Cataract Surgery fixed @ Rs.24,000/- per eye, per policy year.  This is not clear whether this limit is for Surgery+ Cost of lense or inclusive of Pre and Post Hospitalisation expenses.
(5) Hospitalisation expenses for AAYUSH treatment, i.e. Homoeopathic, Aayurvedic or Yanni covered up to 25% of S. I.
(6) Ambulance charges payable @ 1% of S. I. or Rs.2,500/- per year.
(7) Following general exclusions waived/deleted/modified 
(a) PED : Deleted by clause 19.11
(b) 30 days exclusion : Waived by 19.12
(c) Waiting periods for specified diseases/ailments/conditions: Waived by 19.13
(d) Maternity expenses exclusion waived by 19.23.  Limit fixed @ Rs.50,000/-  irrespective of Normal or Scesarian Section delivery.
(e) Genetic disorders/stem cell implantation : Waived by 19.25 and 19.26
(f) Domiciliary hospitalisation exclusion : Waived by 19.27
(g) Service charges, hospital registration charges: Waived by 19.29
(h) Maternity expenses fixed.
(i) Pre and Post hospitalisation limits are unchanged i.e. 30 days and 60 days 
(j) Free Health Check up up to 1% or Rs.5,000/- removed from scope of coverage.

Above are some of the important salient features of the new FLEXI GMP for GIPSA employees.


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