Option for pension to leftover employees who joined service on or before 28.06.1995

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you may be aware Ministry of finance vide F.No. - S-1 1012/01/2019-Ins.I dated 2nd March, 2019
allowed final option for pension to leftover employees who joined service on or before 28.06.1995 and notification regarding the same is awaited.

REQUIREMENT OF DATA OF RETIRED EMPLOYEES (PF OPTEES): We are in need of data for those retired employees (PF optees) who have retired during 1997-2002 & 2002-2007.  Wage revision and arrear details consequent upon wage revision scheme w.e.f. 1.8.1997 and 1.8.2002 was released by ROs and hence we request all regional offices to furnish the
details in the enclosed format, duly attested by authorized Official of RO.  ROs are also advised to send wage arrears calculation sheet of each employee duly attested by RO/DO with details of arrears of Provident fund released to employees who have left our organization, such as amount of PF with break-up as to Own contribution and  Company’s contribution, date of release of
arrears of PF. ROs are also advised to furnish with full details, any amounts due from those Employees lying unrecovered even after their exit. The format with relevant fields is attached herewith which needs to filled and duly certified by all the
regions concerned. The soft copy needs to be sent to hopensiongroup@uiic.co.inand hopfgroup@uiic.co.in on or before 24th April, 2019. 

The hard copy needs to be sent to HO Pension department (Refer Annexure-I).


You are also aware that serving PF optees availing Housing Loan and Higher Education Loan from our Company have the option to offer their Own, Voluntary and Company's contribution to Provident Fund as collateral security. Consequent to implementation of the proposed final option for pension, the company contribution of these PF optees needs to be transferred to Pension Fund. To ease this process, we are in the process of compilation of data of collateral security details of employees on Pan-India
basis. Hence, we request you to kindly send us your statement duly showing employee-wise details of Housing Loan/Higher education loan availed and their collateral security details with more emphasis on Company's contribution to
PF (as per format attached) on or before 24th April, 2019 to hopfgroup@uiic.co.in(Refer Annexure -II).


Since the PF optees (both retired and serving) would pertain to all regions across India and the stipulated time to complete the exercise would be very minimal, it has decided for nomination of 2 officers from each region preferably from personnel/accounts department to be assigned the task of coordinating with the retired PF optees and attending/assisting them to exercise their option. The nominated officers can contact HO Pension & PF departments for any clarification on this aspect. The
instructions on the role of the nominated officers shall be circulated shortly upon receipt of administrative instructions from GIPSA.
Communication will be given to nominated officers on the developments through mail/VC/phone. The details of 2
nominated officers along with their Email ID, Mobile number and Landline number is to be shared for effective coordination. The relevant format for the same is attached herewith. Last date for completing and sending the format to
hopensiongroup@uiic.co.in & hopfgroup@uiic.co.in is 16th April, 2019. (Refer Annexure-III).


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