Retired/Deceased Employees Mediclaim

Dear Sir/Madam,

This has reference to circular HO:HRM:GMP:2018:35 dated 05/04/2018.

Due to the revision in Eligible Sum Insured all Retired/Deceased Employees Group Mediclaim premium 

will under go a change.  

We have provided an option in the Retired Employees Mediclaim Software to calculate the difference.  

Kindly utilise this option and make refund or collect additional premium accordingly.

The revision is also allowed for the employees to opt for increase in Opted Sum Insured.  

We have provided an option in the "Voucher Details" screen to increase the opted Sum Insured.  

If the employee wants to increase the opted SI, kindly collect the request from the employee and 

increase the Revised Opted SI in the screen and collect the additional premium shown in the screen. 

Finally, enter receipt / refund voucher number and date in the column provided in the same screen.

For the employees retiring during 2018-19, we have provided an  option in 'Add Employee' screen to extract 

information from SAP-HCM module and calculate proportionate premium.

Collect the proportionate premium from the retiring employee and enter the receipt details.

Kindly note, if any employee not opted for higher Sum Insured, then, 

their revised opted Sum Insured will be automatically changed to revised Eligible Sum Insured and they 

have to pay the additional premium to get continuous cover.

Please note that the option to increase in SI is available only upto 30/04/2018.


G.S. ARUN KUMAR / अरुण कुमार जी एस
MANAGER / प्रबन्धक


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