Hearty Greetings To The Retiree Fraternity On The Eve Of Pensioners' Day Ie. - 17th. December

In fact, retired defence personnel have been our  torchbearers  who fought relentlessly  for the cause of the pensioners as a whole. 

 The legend crusader com. D s nakara  who  fought a long drawn legal battle   is also from the defence servicesu2026  

Com. D.S.Nakarau2019s case has become a thumb rule for many judgements passed by the apex court in many cases concerning the  pensioners. 

This historical judgment was pronounced  on 17th. December, 1982 and this is the reason why  17th. Dec.  Is chosen as pensioneru2019 day u201d and is being observed by various pensionersu2019 organisations in india.   

As per the times of india news of 04 feb.1996, it is placed in the guinness book of world record, as , by this judgment 20 lakhs of pensioners benefited  (it may be even  above one crore  by now)  

 By virtue of this famous judgement alone, we have been getting pension as a matter of right - be it our 1616-1684 da case, restoration of 5 year notional service,  2nd. Pension option , pension to the resignees, 100% da, arrears on commutation.. Etc.  


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