Extension of last date for renewal of Staff GMC policy upto 15.05.2020

Girish Joshi

Thu 16-04-2020 19:05

Deptt: Personnel

Ref: HO/Pers/Staff/GMC/2020/20

To: All ROs, OSTC - Faridabad & Chennai, HO Admin and All Departmental Heads in Head Office

Re: Extension of last date for renewal of Staff GMC policy upto 15.05.2020

We refer to our circular CR-8336 dated 16.03.2020 regarding Staff GMC policy 2020-21 and further advices vide Circular ref: HO/Pers/Staff/GMC/2020/15 & 19 dated 23.03.2020 and 14.04.2020 respectively on the captioned subject.

The matter has been further examined in view of Notification dated 15.04.2020 by the Ministry of Finance, allowing policyholders to make premium payments till 15th May 2020  and requests from Employees/Pensioners/Retirees Unions and Associations for relaxing of the last date.

It has now been decided by GIPSA to further extend the last date for exercising the option for revised optional sum insured and inclusion or exclusion of members and payment of premium (except where the premium is deducted from salary) for serving employees/retired employees and spouse of deceased employees / retired and deceased employees under the Staff GMC Policy up to 15.05.2020.

All other terms and conditions regarding Staff GMC Policy remain unchanged.

This may be brought to the notice of all concerned and a copy of the Circular may be displayed on the Companyu2019s Notice Board for their information.

Girish Joshi
CHief Manager


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