HITPA giving provision to submit claims online for this lockdown period


Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, most of the employees' reimbursement claims are unable to submit by them due to complete lockdown. Hence we are given a provision to submit claims online for this lockdown period.

Please find the process flow for submission of online claims documents submission:

1) We have created this separate email Id for submission of reimbursement claim documents only, to be uploaded through electronic/soft copy mode.*

Email ID:

reim.nia@hitpa.co.in ( NIA GIPSA employees/retirees)

reim.oic@hitpa.co (OIC GIPSA Employees/Retirees)

reim.uiic@hitpa.co.in (UIIC GIPSA Employees/Retirees)

reim.nic@hitpa.co.in (NIC GIPSA Employees/Retirees)

*2) Attachment size limit is upto 10 MB, which can be given in PDF or any soft copy format.*

*3) Insured has to give self declaration that he retains all the original documents and on demand by the Insurer or the TPA he/she shall provide the original documents after the lockdown gets over or the situation gets normalised. Insured is solely liable for the genuineness of the claims submitted online to HI TPA.That the claim has not been made elsewhere.If declarations are found untrue, entire amount is recoverable.*



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