Office bearers elected unanimously at 7th AGM of GIPANZ held on 5th March 2020 at auditorium of Scope Minar, Delhi

Dear Members,

The 7th AGM of our GIPANZ was held on 05.03.2020 at the auditorium of Scope Minar, Delhi. I am happy to inform you  that the following office bearers were elected unanimously 

Mr JP Jain
Mr RS Tuteja 
Working president 
Mr NP Upadhyay
General Secretary 
Shyam Mathur
Organising Secretary
 Mr Rajneesh Pandey 
Mr VK Sharma
Vice President
 1. Mr NC Jain
2. Dr AS Kohli (Chandigarh)
3. Mr Nirmal Singh Pilyal
4. Mr KS Gandihok
Add Gen Secretary
 1. Mr RS Rawat (Dehradun)
2. Mr VD Sharma( Chandigarh)
3. Mr Ashok Manocha (Ludhiana)
4. Mr SL Gulati (Chandigarh)
 1. Mr Nain Singh Rawat
2. Mr BP Singh(Lucknow)
3. Mr Pradeep Mehrotra(Agra)
4. Mr SP Chawla (Jaipur)
Jt Treasurer
 Mr SK Tank
Executive members
1. Mr Ummed Singh 
2. Mr SC Kapoor
3. Mr SS Bahri (Chandigarh)
4. Mr BK Shukla (Lukhnow)
5. Mr AK Saxena (Bareli)
6. Mr YP Pandey (Varanasi)
7. Mr Bhim Singh Sharma
8. Mr RK Srivastava (Allahabad)
9. Mr Anil Khanna (Amritsar)
10. Mr Pradeep Chopra (Jaipur)
11. Mr PN Verma (Meerut)
12. Mr HK Budhiraja
13. Mr Ashok Sonar (Gorakhpur) 

I congratulate our new team and ensure that this team of committed office bearers will try their level best to fulfill the expectations of all retirees. We have achieved a lot during past years but our main demands like *improvement in family pension, updation of pension, improvement in GMP etc are still to be achieved.
Together we can and will achieve our goals.
With Best Regards

Shyam Mathur
General Secretary


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