17th December is an important day for Pensioners in India

Dear Friends,

                17th December is an important day for  Pensioners in India.

It was on this day in 1982 that the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment guaranteeing dignity and decency to the retired officials and pensioners.  ‘Pensioners Day’is celebrated in our country to remember, with gratefulness, the late D.S. Nakara who fought for years to bring dignity and grace to the community, through the judgment dt 17.12.1982..

                      On this 37th Pensioners day, let us go through the words once again in the landmark judgment given by Late Justice Y.V. Chandrachud, then Chief Justice - Supreme Court of India, infamous Nakara's case on pension.

"Pension is neither a bounty, nor a matter of grace depending upon the sweet will of the employer, nor an ex-gratia payment. It is a payment for the past services rendered. It is a social welfare measure rendering socio-economic justice to those who in the heyday of their life ceaselessly toiled for the employer on an assurance that in their old age they would not be left in the lurch"

                Even after three decades of above significant judgment, the plight of pensioners in general and GIPSA Pensioners, in particular, are very well known to us.

               Let us jointly continue our fight towards seeking justice for all pensioners.


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