UIICs Ldh Stalwarts Ludhiana organized Association meeting

UIICs Ldh Stalwarts Ludhiana organized Association meeting at Ludhiana which was addressed by Sh U Banerjee,  General Secretary,  All India  General Insurance Pensioners Association,  Mumbai.  

Sh Banerjee apprised the members about incoming option for last opportunity for opting pension. He explained the methodology which should be kept in mind while adopting for Pension. This option may  be considered  keeping in view the points  viz number  of Retiree years,  Company contribution returnable,  interest portion  and  ratio factor. This option may not be fruitful and acceptable for the old Retirees whose basic salary is less as compared to today's Basic salary which increased after Wage Revision of 2007 and 2012 

However the contents of notification are yet to be known for final decision by Retirees.
In the fitness of things every PF optee Retiree should apply for Pension.
Response for acceptance  should be given after analysing pros and cons.
Mr.Banerjee also highlighted about the shortcomings in our GMC and told about the steps being taken by Association. Various points like  Payment of  Premium by instalments, Updation of Pension,More and more hospitals to be on networks. Likewise accomodation provided by welfare Society with Caution money was also not appreciated. 

Meeting was attended by  20 Retirees and everyone was impressed with the way Mr.U.Banerjee  explained. 

Meeting concluded with vote of thanks to Sh.Banerjee by Mr Ranvir Guru for enlightening about Pension scheme . His compliments specially to Mr.Rakesh Malik for the Hospitality extended.


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